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We love to create animation, design, video, and branding that is bold, unique, and geared towards letting your audience how special you are.


We love what we do and we do it to the best of our abilities. It's pretty simple, but what exactly does that mean? Basically, our goal is to work with clients we like and products/services that we are passionate about. We want to promote your business as if it was our own and do everything we can to cultivate your success. Building lasting relationships makes it all worth it. Let's get started!


Animation can bring your ideas to life in an infinite variety of ways. How about showing your product in photo realistic detail before it's even manufactured or having a cartoon spokesperson to grab people's attention? Whether 3D, 2D, or Frame by Frame; we love creating animation at Chrome Lion.

Quality design is the foundation of everything we do at Chrome Lion. Your logo, website, app, email campaign, etc.. should all be working in harmony to represent you in the best light. We want to help make that light shine brightly.

Good video and photography is a personal touch that connects you to your customers in a real-life way. Running a restaurant or brewery with great products and atmosphere? We'd love to show you off to the world in the most appealing light.

More Animation Examples

Chrome Lion Demo Reel for Animation & Motion Design

More Design Examples

Promo poster design for Super Bowl LII memorabilia

promo poster super bowl LII

Artwork from a Graphic Design seminar on Creativity & Photoshop

digital art of girl in a sci-fi setting

Logo design for Restaurant

Logo Pub Americana Restaurant

We would love to tell your story

Most studios talk about Branding, Identity, SEO, and other popular topics. While all that's important, our first goal at Chrome Lion is to tell your story. You've worked hard to build your success and we'd like to capture that in a visual narrative with you as the hero. You can start the first chapter by contacting us with the form below.

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