For many years Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have been the best choices for design work. Recently the team at Serif has put together an impressive suite of tools with their Affinity software and we've been having a great time learning them. This page covers some of the more interesting things we've been able to accomplish in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Hair Brush | Affinity Designer

Main Topics

  • Custom Brushes
  • Stock Vector Art

Affinity Designer has as interesting combination of vector brushes based on raster images. This is a great effect for creating stylized hair in big clumps or with fine detail.

Storyboard | Affinity Designer

Main Topics

  • Artboards
  • Masking
  • PDF Export

If you create animation or motion design for a living you know how important storyobards are for getting your ideas down and making presentations to clients. Affinity Designer makes creating Storyboard templates easy and fun.

Hatch Shadow | Affinity Designer

Main Topics

  • Symbols
  • Clipping Mask

Symbols in Affinity Designer are both intuitive and unique. If you've used symbols in Adobe Illustrator you likely have an understanding of how they work, but in Affinity you can unlink symols to make unique adjustments, then relink them so everything stays connected.

Slime Text | Affinity Designer

Main Topics

  • Symbols
  • Clipping Mask
  • Layer Effects

This tutorial was quite fun to create. There are a ton of different looks you can get with Affinity Designer's Layer Effects. They are similar to the Layer Styles from Adobe Photoshop, but they take things to another level. Combine that with sybmols and you can create some highly detailed editable text. But don't just take our word for it.

Psychedelic Brush | Affinity Photo

Main Topics

  • Custom Brush
  • Gradient
  • Brush Profiles

Affinity Photo has the an extremely powerful custom brush editor. We've had a lot of fun experiemnting and creating unique looks. It also should be noted that Affity Designer has the same brush engine as Affinity Photo when in the Pixel Persona. That means that this tutorial would also work in Affinity Designer.